Chris Kintis named as Finalist for Mentor of the Year 2022

Chris Kintis Finalise Mentor of the Year 2022

We are delighted to announce that ClarkeKann Lawyers Partner Chris Kintis has been named as Finalist for Mentor of the Year 2022 in the Australian Law Awards.  As a firm we’re all about supporting our people and it’s great to have Chris’ commitment to the team recognised in this way.

Congratulations Chris!

Chris Kintis leads ClarkeKann’s litigation and dispute resolution practice, and is a mentor of our junior lawyers at ClarkeKann.

Over the last 12 months, his mentor-mentee relationships have helped lead to the retention, progression, satisfaction and development of individuals within the firm, and the wider legal profession.

“As a mentor,” Chris says “my aim is not just for our young lawyers to achieve their career goals within the firm and the wider legal world but to also get there with a great work-life balance, mental wellbeing, and full confidence in their abilities.”

“I recall exactly what it was like to be ‘in their shoes’, and so this has shaped my approach as a mentor. I am not an unapproachable ‘scary’ Partner who has limited time, but someone my mentees can talk to openly and freely whenever they need to. I have huge respect for their opinions, abilities, and diverse perspectives – as their mentor I’m their biggest supporter and someone they can rely on in confidence, for advice and guidance.”

Under his mentorship, mentees have achieved significant career progression within ClarkeKann. This is all done at a flexible pace that suits the mentee and their individual goals. Some are promoted quickly (within three months of joining for example) whilst for others, it is a longer process.

The importance of mentoring the next generation of legal professionals

Mentoring the next generation of legal professionals is important for Chris because as a junior lawyer, he had some difficult and challenging times, and he hopes to change this through his mentoring for the next generation of lawyers. He understands first-hand the types of issues that juniors may face as they progress, and he is able to use his experiences to help them succeed.

“The law can be a challenging profession and a stressful environment – especially in a commercial law firm in Sydney – and because of this, I feel a huge sense of duty and responsibility to set our junior lawyers up for their legal careers. I firmly believe that the support, direction, and encouragement that you are given at the start of your career influences your path and progress – it is something you remember for the rest of your life.”

Chris hopes that this results in “happier lawyers who have a great, positive mental attitude and the ability to cope with whatever life – and their job – throws at them.”

Good mentoring is key to a great workplace and great client service. Through mentoring, Chris believes that he is creating calm, confident, and capable lawyers – well-rounded legal practitioners who understand their worth and value and can comfortably transition to senior roles, however far they wish to go.

It is telling that above all, Chris wants his mentees to have positive and memorable experiences. If they can look back and say they loved their time working with him at ClarkeKann, he says that he has much to be proud of.

Congratulations Chris, and best of luck for the final awards night which will be held on 12 August 2022!

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