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Whether you are starting a new business, are a successful SME or work in the public sector, you need talented lawyers that not only understand the law but can also help you navigate the landscape in which you operate.

At ClarkeKann we don’t do everything, but we are good at what we do. Through a clear focus on the sectors in which we specialise and longstanding relationships with our clients, we deliver advice that is not only legally sound, timely and cost effective but also pragmatic and compatible with our client’s commercial drivers.

Our partners have a wealth of experience and an impressive network of contacts that can assist you with your business. Our clients appreciate that our partners take a “hands-on” approach in all matters, supported by a solid team of experienced lawyers at all levels.

Adding value to our clients’ businesses, finding a way through the roadblocks to success and then sharing in that success with our clients is what drives us and what has rewarded us with an enviable list of long standing clients that rely on us for all their legal services.

Our People

Our greatest asset is our talented and committed people – they enjoy what they do and value the opportunity to work together and with our clients. Our people are from diverse backgrounds and approach their work with intellectual rigour and enthusiasm.


Shareholders and Directors’ Disputes – A way forward

Shareholders and Directors’ Disputes – A way forward

Disputes between shareholders and directors are common place and can take shapes of varying degrees and scope.  They often involve disagreements with respect to control over the direction, management or operation of a business, access to the company's books and...

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What is an unfair preference claim and how do I respond

What is an unfair preference claim and how do I respond

An unfair preference claim often arises in situations where a director of company, anticipating the company's liquidation, prefers some creditors over others by prioritising the payment of their debts. When the company is eventually wound up, there are then fewer...

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